Best Places to Travel in Africa

Africa is among the most famous travel destinations of the world. Every traveler wants to visit South Africa because of its natural and divine beauty.

Unlike the other continents of the planet Earth, Africa is not explored properly, still, there are some places and regions that need to be explored. 

Africa is a home for some of the best natural locations in the areas where you will find rich art and architecture. All of these things make this place worth visiting. 

Some ancient wonders of the world are also located in Africa. 

Africa in short, is a blend of history, nature, and culture, here you will see life with a totally different perspective.

If you are packing your back towards Africa then read this article till the end. Because it is going to be much helpful for you. 

In this travel guide, you will get a shortlist of some best places to travel in the continent of Africa.


Uganda does not seem to be an awesome place to visit to the travelers, but this perspective is completely wrong.

Trust me, it is the most fascinating place that you have ever visited.

In the world, the amount of countries where Mountain Gorillas are found is quite rare [approximately three].

Uganda is among those three countries where you can find Mountain Gorillas.

If in case you are a wildlife lover then this place is highly recommended for you.

You will get a chance to witness Mountain Gorillas. An amazing fact about them is, there are only 1000 mountain gorillas present in the world.

Uganda is located in a rainforest area, you may get wet in almost all the seasons, so make sure to plan accordingly before you travel towards Uganda.

Zambia and Zimbabwe

Zambia and Zimbabwe are the places where you can witness amazing waterfalls.

The famous Victoria Falls is also located in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is known as the smoke that thunders.

Also, it is the largest moving water body in the world, and witnessing it must be a great experience in your whole life.

These places possess a great diversity of plants and animal species.

The flora, fauna, natural water bodies, and amazing nature will help you to make your trip memorable.

The best time to visit Zambia and Zimbabwe is between May and August.

Make sure to include this place in your list while packing your bags towards Africa.


Many people are obsessed with desert regions, this is because the desert regions possess their own different cultures and traditions that look so pure to the outsiders.

If you are a desert lover then spending a few days in the Sahara desert in Morocco will help you to enjoy your life with a different perspective. 

The Sahara desert is the largest desert situated on the planet Earth, here you can experience different fun activities and other adventure opportunities.

The best time to visit Morocco is from the months of October to April. This is because the temperature in October is bearable.