What’s New in New Orleans?

New Orleans is an iconic Louisiana city along the Mississippi River, close to the Gulf of Mexico.

It is known for its rich cultural heritage, legendary music and colorful nightlife. Known as the “Big Easy” is it’s live-culture, energetic nightlife and festive, multi-cultural atmosphere.

Famous for its carnival-like atmosphere is Mardi Gras, an old-fashioned celebration of festive Costumed Parades, street parties and raucous Costumed celebrations. No other place in the US will have this much historic flavor!

New Orleans Museum of Art

This New Orleans museum showcases the diverse past of the state, from its French-American heritage to Cajun culture. The large museum has four major galleries, which exhibit a variety of objects. There are also special collections such as furniture, tapestries, paintings, music instruments, souvenirs and gifts. The New Orleans Museum of Art also offers free admission.

New Orleans Magazine Street Fair & Celebration

One of the most popular attractions of New Orleans, the New Orleans Magazine Street Fair & Celebration is held every year on a Friday, at the famous Canal Street. Visitors can get great bargains and view live entertainment. Held on a Friday, the fair is open to all and includes free entertainment. Besides street fairs, museums and restaurants, the Cajun Style Creole Festival is held on a Saturday. Here you’ll see demonstrations of Creole cooking techniques using special recipes handed down by the families of the original settlers.

Bourbon Street

Located between Mardi Gras and Jazz Day in the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is one of the most famous areas in town. Many tourists and visitors come to take in the famous bars, clubs and other things to do all on this block. Many talented live street performers perform on the nightly market. Other attractions include Mardi Gras parades, boat shows, festivals and special events like Jazz Fest.

Garden District

An historic area adjacent to the French quarter, the Garden District has a variety of things to do. You can stroll through award winning gardens, shop in boutiques and antique shops, and take in the beautiful scenery. Numerous annual festivals also take place in the Garden District. You can enjoy food, wine and music in the elegant Garden District during the summer and fall months.

Desire Land

While in New Orleans, don’t miss a visit to Desire Land. It is located in the French quarter, but is part of the Garden District. Here you will find beautiful paintings, unique gifts and other treasures from the New Orleans culture. This is also a great place for shopping, dining and night life. There are also historical markers and museums to explore.

9th Ward

A historic district on the edge of New Orleans, the 9th Ward has seen better days. This area was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina but has since been renovated and brought back to its former glory.

Mardi Gras and carnivals still happen here, as well as concerts, festivals and other things to do. Many tourists and visitors come to see the devastation caused by the hurricane and stay for a few days to check it out. You can visit the memorial where a huge cross was built in honor of the people killed in the disaster.

Final Words

As you can see, New Orleans is more than just a “music city”.

It offers much more.

With everything that it offers, New Orleans is sure to satisfy your musical tastes, art interests and every other type of visitor.

There are even sections of Frenchman Street where you can purchase authentic Cajun food, like shrimp gumbo, Creole spice rub, jambalaya and sausage.

For your shopping needs, Bourbon street is a must!

Stop in at some of the fine dining restaurants located all over town, or take a stroll down Frenchmen Street, which is lined with beautiful gardens and historic buildings reflecting Cajun culture.

You’re going to have a wonderful experience!