Stay in This Old Castle

The Chteau d’If is one of the oldest and most romantic hotels in France. This beautiful old castle was built in the 15th century by King Louis VI of France and is situated right off the coast in Marseille’s very picturesque area. The hotel is named after the local area where it was built, in honor of King Louis VI of France. The Chteau d’If is a romantic spot for a romantic break. You can walk the streets surrounding the Chteau did with your loved one and admire the exquisite architecture. You will even find many places to eat right in the heart of the Chteau d’If.

The place itself is surrounded by the sea, which is actually the very reason why the hotel was built in the first place. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site, and you will find many museums in the vicinity.

The Chteau d’If has four restaurants, which offer something different for every taste, from traditional French cuisine to exotic Thai cuisine. You can choose from various dishes like cheese and seafood platters, grilled beef with caramelized wine sauce, grilled lamb with garlic sauce, and salads. You can also have your favorite beverage, be it a glass of wine or a glass of Champagne, served right in front of you. Many couples choose to get married in the Chteau d’If, as it provides them with an ideal setting, which they can enjoy until the time of their big day.

The hotel is not only perfect for weddings but also for other events like birthday parties, proms, and anniversaries. As you will see, the Chteau d’If is also a popular place for different types of events. You will also find many other things to do in Marseille besides a romantic weekend break. You can go for a leisure walk, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area, and take in some of the fine restaurants created over the years. The Chteau d’If is located in beautiful Marseille, where you will also find a lot of shopping centers and parks, museums, and even an ancient Gothic cathedral. This is the ultimate place to relax and feel the love and romance of this ancient time. For your complete romance experience, book your hotel early, as the hotel tends to fill up quickly during peak season.