The City of Caves

The incredible scene of Matera, the city of stones in Basilicata region

Matera, Italy, is an ancient town on an isolated rocky outcrop on the island of Basilicata. It has been populated since the first century and today is famous for its beautiful gardens, monuments, and archaeological treasures.

Ancient Caves

Matera is a town on an isolated rocky outcrop in the central region of Basilicata. It has the Sasso region, an area of ancient cave dwellings carved out of the rocky mountainside’s slopes.

Evacuated during the 1950s because of poor living conditions, today, the Sasso district still houses museums, including the Casa Gretta di Vico, with early artisan tools and traditional pottery. Nearby beautiful rock churches are St. Maria Della Concezione, with Gothic frescoes and 13th-century mosaics.

Something for Everyone

The city of Matera offers something for everyone. It is full of beautiful gardens that feature the local flora and fauna, as well as magnificent buildings and monuments, from the old stone streets of medieval times to the present day modern buildings.

If you want a taste of culture, you should visit the Museo Della Repubblica Della Santa Maria, one of the largest museums in Italy, where you can view the works of Michelangelo, Renato Gaudiano, and Luciano.

Architectural Amazement

Matera is a charming city full of architectural splendor. The Basilica of San Nicola is another place worth visiting, with a large number of sculptures and paintings. You will find the city also popular for its wine, as many wineries are located here.

To experience the real Matera, you should not miss out on the ancient attractions and sights. You can walk through the Cisternus Mountains and see the local fauna. You can also climb Mt. Aradola, or take a helicopter ride over Mount Ararat, and experience the ancient ruins there.

Matera, Italy, is a perfect holiday destination if you are looking for a quiet place to spend your vacation. The architecture, gardens, and art are enough to make any tourist happy. The ancient towns offer everything a vacationer needs to enjoy a peaceful vacation. Matera’s romantic location makes it an ideal base for your stay in this charming Italian town.

The ancient history of this remarkable place is truly captivating. Matera is also a popular spot for art lovers and history buffs because it features numerous historical monuments. You can easily explore some of the finest art museums in Matera, as well as the local Roman ruins.

Don’t Miss the Food

Matera is also known for its excellent and delicious European cuisine, which is very famous throughout Europe. You can try out their local dishes at any of the restaurants located here, but you might also like to try their international dishes if you would prefer something different. The most famous Italian cuisine here is the pizza, served in wooden oven ovens.